Section 8

What is the Section 8 Program?

The Section 8 program was enacted as part of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 which re codified the U.S. Housing Act of 1937. The Act has been amended from time to time and its requirements as they apply to the Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance Program. These changes are implemented locally within the Brunswick Housing Authority through the Administrative Plan. The Section 8 rental assistance programs are federally funded and administered by the Section 8 staff at the Brunswick Housing Authority. The Administration of the Section 8 program and the functions and responsibilities of the Brunswick Housing Authority shall be in compliance with the Brunswick Housing Authority Personnel Policy and the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Section 8 regulations as well as all Federal, State, and Local Fair Housing laws and regulations.

Who is Eligible?

  • An applicant must be a “Family” which is defined by: Two or more persons regularly living together, related by blood, marriage, adoption, guardianship or operation of law; or who are not so related but share income and resources and intend to live together. By definition a family must contain a competent adult who is capable of functioning as the head of household.
  • An applicant must be within the appropriate income limits.
  • An applicant must furnish a declaration of Citizenship or Eligible Immigrant Status with verification.
  • At least one member of the applicant family must be either a U.S. citizen or have eligible immigration status before the Brunswick Housing Authority may provide any financial assistance.
  • A family will not be admitted to the Section 8 program if any member of the family has been evicted from federally assisted housing for serious violation(s) of the lease within the past 2 years.
  • A family will be denied admission to the Section 8 program if any member of the family fails to sign and submit consent forms for obtaining information required by the Brunswick Housing Authority including Form HUD-9886.

The Brunswick Housing Authority will apply the following criteria in addition to the HUD eligibility criteria as grounds for denial of admissions to the program.

  • The family must not have violated any family obligation during a previous participation in the Section 8 program for 2 years prior to final eligibility determination. The Brunswick Housing Authority will make an exception if the family member who violated the family obligation is not a current member of the household on the application.
  • The family must pay any outstanding debt owed to the Brunswick Housing Authority or to any other Public Housing Authority as a result of prior participation in any Federal housing program.
  • The family must be in good standing regarding any current payment agreement made with another Public Housing Authority for a previous debt incurred before the Brunswick Housing Authority will allow participation in its Section 8 program.
  • The Brunswick Housing Authority will check criminal history for all adults in the households to determine whether any member of the family has violated any of the prohibited behaviors as referenced in the section on Screening and Termination Policy in the “Denial or Termination of Assistance” chapter of the Administrative Plan.
  • If any applicant deliberately misrepresents the information on which eligibility or tenant rent is established, The Brunswick Housing Authority may deny assistance and may refer the family file/record to the proper authorities for appropriate disposition.